About us

who ıs bomontı dıjıtal kumas?

As the Bomonti Digital family, which has been providing quality and stable service in the textile since 2001. For responding to the needs of our sector we added digital printing in our services in 2014. In a very short time, we have become one of the leading companies in the field.

We continue to offer you accessible and satisfactory solutions with our full capacity and years of experience, with our printing and storage facilities established on an area of 5000m2 by making use of advanced technology.

Today, we continue to stand by you to contribute your goals by providing a monthly production volume of 350.000 meters. Also you have our expert designers and production departments and our advanced textile technology, and unlimited patterns with beautiful fabrics.

Our work process


Design Preparation: Create a design for printing or convert an existing design into a digital format. Determine colors, dimensions, and other design elements in this stage.


Printing: Load the fabric onto the printer and initiate the printing process. The printer applies the digital design onto the fabric using specialized inks and printheads or press technique.


Completed orders are eligible for free delivery to your address within Istanbul.

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